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Welcome to the Brady Resource Kit Online

This interactive learning tool aims to teach users about the Holocaust through an innovative mix of original documents and tailored recorded testimony from a survivor who is no longer with us: George Brady z"l, brother of Hana Brady of the novel Hana’s Suitcase. This online educational program encourages dialogue and exploration of the Holocaust and its relevance to contemporary issues.

For more about the Toronto Holocaust Museum, please click the "Main Site" button.

Help us ensure the future of Holocaust education 

This is an important time to support Holocaust education. Help us to deliver transformational programs and educational experiences and preserve Holocaust survivor testimony. Education is the most powerful tool to combat the ignorance and fear that feed hate.

Show the world your commitment to ensuring that the lessons of the Holocaust serve to nurture an inclusive society. There are many ways to support the Toronto Holocaust Museum and its programming.

As we leave the era of living witnesses, programs like these allow us to have a continued dialogue about the Holocaust and how it connects to our present and future generations. 

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